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MusicMaster in Spain posted on November 17th, 2014

The most recent MusicMaster training in Spain took place in Barcelona and Madrid. This is the crew of Catalunya Mùsica (below), the classical music station of public broadcaster Catalunya Ràdio in Barcelona. Their daily work focuses on programming mainly Romantic and Classical pieces mixed up with some Contemporary and Baroque.


Catalunya Mùsica is one of our state of the art projects when it comes to handling big classical music data. The stations catalogue of 80,000 + pieces of music (!) plus tons of meta-data is managed in a MusicMaster Enterprise environment with individual databases for FM, Live-Concerts-only and a Web stream. It’s always very exciting to meet them once in a while trying to make their new ideas work in MusicMaster. What a fantastic crew and great station!

In Madrid we met our long time friends from KISS. The KISS group operates three very successfully networks, KISS FM, HIT FM and KISS TV. This picture (below) was taken during the three day follow-up-training in the station’s tropical garden. From the left: Iván Tenorio (Hit FM), Iván Guillén (Kiss FM), ON AIR’s Thomas Roth, Ana de la Morena (KISS TV) & Ramón Tapias (Head of Programs).