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Technical Specifications

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Choose your edition of MusicMaster below to read a summary of system information, and client and server requirements. For more information, please request a consultation.

MusicMaster CS Specifications

MusicMaster CS can be installed in several different configurations, depending on the needs of your organization and the number of stations and users that you will need to support. The various installation scenarios are covered in detail in the MusicMaster CS Installation Guide. Please note that all installations of MusicMaster CS store data in a Microsoft SQL Server database. If you do not already have a SQL Server installation available, you will need to provide one. Due to built-in limitations that can negatively affect performance, we do not recommend the use of SQL Server Express edition, except for very small single-user installations with no more than a few stations and a small music library or for evaluation. Please consider SQL Server Standard Edition or better for actual multi-user production environments.

MusicMaster CS Installation Scenarios:

The actual hardware and software requirements for the MusicMaster CS Server are quite minimal. However, server performance is directly related to the performance of SQL Server and the size of your MusicMaster CS Enterprise database. The number stations you schedule, songs you have in your overall Enterprise library and number of users that will be operating in the system at once are all factors that help determine the actual hardware resources you will want to provide. MusicMaster CS has been designed to take advantage of all available hardware resources, so feel free to exceed our recommendations to maximize system performance. Here are some general guidelines that help determine the size of your installation.

Small Enterprise

A small enterprise installation would have no more than 8-10 stations to schedule, no more than a few thousand total songs and no more than 3-5 users working in the system at any given time. A single station and single user with a much larger song library would also be considered a small enterprise.

Medium Enterprise

A medium enterprise installation would have no more than 100 stations to schedule, up to 25,000-50,000 songs, and up to 25 users working in the system at once. Again, if you library is larger than this, but your station count is much less than 100 or you have very few simultaneous users, you could still considers yours to be a medium size enterprise.

Large Enterprise

If you are scheduling more than 100 stations, have more than 250,000 songs or have more than 50 simultaneous users, you would be considered a large enterprise installation. In this case, we would urge you to contact MusicMaster support so we can work with you to determine the best installation strategy for your situation.

Stand-Alone Installation

It is possible to install the MusicMaster CS Server, Microsoft SQL Server and the MusicMaster CS client all on a single computer. We would only recommend this for product evaluation or for a very small installation where only a single user will be scheduling a few stations with a relatively small music library.

MusicMaster CS System Requirements

Once again, these are minimum requirements and recommendations based on the size of your installation. We encourage you to exceed these recommendations to maximize system performance.

Server Computer Requirements
Operating System Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 or Later, 32 or 64-bit. Recommended: Windows Server 2016 64-bit. Virtualization software may be used, but we recommend against the use of Microsoft Hyper-V as it has demonstrated poor performance compared to other solutions.
Microsoft SQL Server SQL Server 2008 R2 or Later, Standard Edition or higher. Recommended: SQL Server 2014 64-bit or later, Standard or Enterprise Edition
Server Memory 8 Gb Minimum. Recommended: For a small enterprise, 8Gb or more. Medium enterprise, 32Gb or more. Large enterprise, 64Gb or more. Adding additional memory beyond the recommended will generally improve the performance of SQL Server.
Server Processor Intel 2.5GHz CPU with hyperthreading and at least 4 cores Recommended: Intel Xeon CPU with hyperthreading. For a small enterprise, 4 or more cores. For larger installations, 3.0GHz or Faster, 8 or more cores. Higher clock speeds and larger number of CPU cores will directly benefit system performance.
Server Storage SSD Drive or RAID array for storage of the SQL Server Database. Recommended: We strongly recommend the use of SSD drives for the storage of your SQL Server database. An SSD RAID 10 drive array will maximize performance and we also recommend 1000 Mb/s seq read, 100 Mb/s random read performance. The amount of storage needed for this drive will depend on the size of your database which will grow as you add stations and songs. A small database will generally fit well on a 40-80Gb drive and larger databases will want to have something larger.
Network Access A single port must be open for client workstation access (default 180). If the Nexus API is in use, a second port (default 8080) is required. LAN or WAN connections may be used for connecting from client to server. When using a WAN connection, we strongly recommend the use of a secure VPN and increased bandwidth will help to maximize performance.
Client Computer Requirements
Operating System Microsoft Windows 7 or later. Any computer system that provides good performance for these operating systems should be sufficient for the MusicMaster CS Client. Recommended: Windows 7 or Windows 10, 64-bit. Intel i5 or comparable CPU and 8Gb RAM
Special notes for a Stand-Alone Installation
In this case, the CS Server, CS Client and SQL Server will all be running on a single, stand-alone computer. Again, this is recommended for very small, single-user installations and for software evaluation.
Operating System Microsoft Windows 7 or Server 2008 R2 or Later. Recommended: Windows 7 or Windows 10, 64-bit or Windows Server.
Microsoft SQL Server SQL Server 2008 R2 or Later, Express Edition or higher. Recommended: SQL Server 2014 64-bit or later, Standard Edition or higher.
Memory 8Gb Minimum. Recommended: 16Gb or more.
Processor Intel 2.5GHz, 4 cores or better, or equivalent CPU. Recommended: Intel 3.0GHz or Faster, 4 cores.
Disk Drive Fast performance drive for SQL database storage. Recommended: SSD Drive strongly recommended. Storage size depends on number of stations/songs in the database..