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Roswell Genius Day posted on February 15th, 2014

You’re looking at what may be the last group photo of the programming team at Majestic Broadcasting in Roswell, New Mexico. From left to right, John Sebastian, VP Director of Operations; Ryan Burden, Promotions Director; Tony Clayton, Roswell’s Rock Deity; Joe Knapp and Jesus Rodriguez, MusicMaster; and Ron Stevens, KMOU morning show host. Joe Knapp and Jesus Rodriguez from MusicMaster conducted a Genius Day workshop here last month, just days before three of these gentlemen left the building to pursue other options. Hey, guys, we hope it’s nothing we said! Maybe the aliens had something to do with it. In any case, KMOU-FM, KBCQ-FM, KBCQ-AM, and KSFX-FM are now all in the capable hands of Ryan Burden.