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5.0 SR-7 is now Available posted on June 7th, 2013

The latest service release for MusicMaster is now available. Go to Help, Check for Update to get 5.0sr7. This service release contains new options for exporting your log. You can now toggle between CTRL-ALT-D to see three different modes: date only, date/hour and date/time where you can pick a specific start and/or end for the export in the middle of the hour. Also included are a couple of enhancements to the purging of history and lognotes. In both, you will have the ability to manually set a new “Last Scheduled Date”, The history purge option will be useful to stations that rarely or ever run the automatic scheduler. The lognote purge will be useful to stations that have a large active history window and create unique lognotes in the Editor. Finally, you’ll be able to turn off the color and/or the icons that are displayed on the Scheduling Calendar with new settings in Tools, Options, Additional Properties. Contact your Music Scheduling Consultant if you have any questions about this latest release.