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Was ist MusicMaster?

MusicMaster ist das weltweit am schnellsten wachsende und überzeugendste Musikplanungssystem für Radio- und TV-Stationen, Instore- und Webchannels oder Streaming-Businesses.

  • Always first

    Arbeiten Sie mit einer Software, die sich Ihren Bedürfnissen anpasst. Individualisieren Sie die Planung beliebiger Musikformate. Lernen Sie unsere MusicMaster Editionen kennen - von Personal bis Professional und darüber hinaus!

  • Real-Time Integration

    Verbinden Sie Ihre Systeme! Wir arbeiten mit führenden Automationssystemen zusammen, um Ihnen Real-Time Integrationen mit MusicMaster über unsere offene Nexus API anbieten zu können.

  • Konnektivität

    Nutzen Sie die Vorteile des Austauschs von Daten mit Ihrem favorisierten Automations-, Dispositions- oder Researchsystem mit Hilfe unserer vielen Schnittstellen.

  • Service & Support

    Wenn Sie MusicMaster in Betrieb genommen haben, lassen wir Sie nicht alleine. Verlassen Sie sich auf unseren 24/7/365 Support.

  • "A truly superior program that makes programming efficient and flawless. If it's in your mind, it will work in MusicMaster."

    Phil Michaels-Trueba - Program Director, WHQT, Cox Radio - Miami

  • "Making award-winning local radio isn’t just about the music mix… it’s about everything in-between and all around it. MusicMaster has played a critical part in helping us effectively make great radio every day."

    Vince Benedetto - President, Bold Gold Media

  • "I look forward to new demands from our PD, since with MusicMaster our slogan is Everything Is Possible."

    Michael Breit - Head Music Editor, Saarlaendischer Rundfunk, SR3

  • "In my 20 years in radio I've used all kinds of music scheduling systems. None of them has afforded me the control over exactly how I needed the stations I program to sound better than MusicMaster does."

    Al Skop - Director, Music Programming, SiriusXM Radio

  • "Since we have been using it, the quality and the diversity of our programming has significantly improved."

    Miguel Cruz - Programming Director, M80 Rádio

  • "I could talk all day about what has made me a MusicMaster guy after pledging allegiance to [our former system], but you wouldn't listen until you heard what your station COULD sound like."

    JJ Holiday - Program Director, KCLD-FM

  • "I have completely fallen in love with this software. If you are thinking about upgrading, you will not be disappointed with MusicMaster."

    Jeff Wolf - Operations Manager, Border Media Austin

  • "The more I use MusicMaster, the MORE I fall in love with its forward-thinking features, great rotations and nearly instant air-quality music logs."

    George Cook - Program Director/Brand Manager, KKDA-FM

  • "One thing that MusicMaster has been able to provide to CMT and many other MTV networks is the opportunity to customize the software to look at the texture, environment and type of video."

    Evan Kroft - Dir. Music Programming & Talent Relations, CMT - Country Music Television Alumnus

  • "MusicMaster has proven to be a multi-layered tool that has transformed my idea of efficiently managing my music television network into a reality."

    Jesse Coleman - President/GM, Video Mix TV

  • "This year, Radio Veronica had the best year in the ratings since the start of the station in 2003. MusicMaster has been in use since May."

    Marc van den Heuvel - Assistant PD/MD, Radio Veronica

  • "We're talking about a very smart software that with the proper preparation can run on autopilot, and that is very important for any presentation scheduler because it gives them more time to imagine the flow and be more creative."

    George Bougioukhliampos - Presentation Scheduler, MTV Greece

  • "I refrain from calling MusicMaster a "music scheduling" system; it's really a user-friendly, customizable, music strategy management and delivery system. Our clients with MusicMaster have seen this software become a solid tool that helps maintain focus throughout the entire strategic process"

    Ralph Cipolla - , Jacobs Media

  • "If you are looking for user-friendly program packed full with the tools to make your station stand out in your market, then add MusicMaster to your station staff."

    Matt Wilson - General Manager, KWHQ-FM - KSRM Inc.

  • "We chose MusicMaster because it plays with everyone. We can continue to use it no matter what software we run our "On Air" side with."

    Steve Green - Senior Producer / Music Programmer, CINC 105.5/NCI-FM

  • "As a corporate PD with multiple formats to work with, there is no better program for me to use for scheduling music than MusicMaster. This program exceeded my expectations in so many ways it would be hard for me to consider another program."

    Drew Scott - Corporate Program Director, Martz Communications Group

  • "Until I started using MusicMaster, my music scheduling software was just a utility. Now, I see it as a weapon that helps our radio stations win."

    Steve Jones - Vice President/Programming, Newcap Radio

  • "MusicMaster is my partner. It's how I solve every music problem that surfaces with these off-the-wall formats. I can tell the software what I need to do and, in turn, it shows me the absolute best way to make it happen."

    Jon Badeaux - ,

  • "It has been amazing to see over the past years what a difference scheduling with MusicMaster has made in actual ratings!"

    Megan Phillips - Director of Music Scheduling, Timeless Cool Custom Programming

  • "MusicMaster is the first music scheduling software platform I've given my complete trust to. It can take the audio-perception you have for your station in your head and create nearly perfect logs, day after day. For me, the software has taken the "What if I could..." ideas and put them into useable scheduling functions."

    Tom Gjerdrum - Operations Manager, Backyard Broadcasting

  • "It is the first scheduling software that is able to do what I want instead of dealing with workarounds. I know, it’s not magic. But it really seems like it is!"

    Ronald Sebök - MD and APD, 100% NL

  • "Thanks MusicMaster for making our lives easier so we may fill the extra time with other work."

    Jeff McCarthy - Vice President of Programming, Midwest Communications, Inc.

  • "With MusicMaster, each programmer has the ability to build a database designed specifically for him or her. It has helped me better my programming, create a better rotation, and therefore increased my ratings."

    Chayan Ortuno - Program Director, Univision

  • "MusicMaster has a great history with its ease of support for clients and aggressively improves the product frequently based on our feedback."

    Terry Voth - General Manager of Rogers Communications, Program Director of CJRX-FM, Rogers Communications

  • "After using MusicMaster for that first month, it was hard for me to imagine scheduling without it. I am constantly learning new and better ways to do things."

    Chris Collins - Program Director, Holladay Broadcasting

  • "We made the switch about 3 months ago and it has performed flawlessly: editing is faster, we're getting better rotations and it's way more fun to use. I honestly don't know why we waited this long to switch."

    Mark Pooley - Music Director Alumnus, 92.5 JACK-FM (CJAQ-FM)

  • "In a case such as ours where we schedule music in two different languages, MusicMaster has enabled us to customize the process to an extent where I, the scheduler, and the program almost share a conscience. Brilliant!"

    Eloise Pretorius - Head of Music & DJ, OFM, Bloemfontein

  • "Of all the music schedulers I have used, MusicMaster is the most satisfying and complete system. As a consultant, I'm always sharing ideas and suggestions with my clients, usually the first recommendation is to 'get MusicMaster to schedule your music'."

    Juan Carlos Hidalgo - SBS Regional Mexican PD, Radio Consultant,

  • "I've had the chance to use numerous programs over my long career, and not one system has ever even come close to being as flexible, configurable or as much of a time-saver as MusicMaster has been for me."

    Corey Tremere - Program Director, Newcap

  • "Having worked with MusicMaster software for almost three decades, and having had the chance to work with other systems as well, I can honestly say it is the best music scheduling software available."

    Janet Trecarten - Brand Director/Operations Manager, Astral Radio

  • "MusicMaster is much more in line with today's programming - the way we operate with multiple radio stations. The people that design the software asked us what we need, and they built it."

    Brian Figula - Program Director, KOIT/KUFX

Ready. Set. Flow.

Neu bei MusicMaster? Starten Sie hier, um die Basisfunktionen kennenzulernen.

Maßgeschneiderte Lösungen für Radio-Professionals

  • Professional Edition

    Unser Flaggschiff: Die Professional Edition wird von zehntausenden Rundfunk- und TV-Planern auf der ganzen Welt eingesetzt. Sie bietet nicht nur innovative Funktionen, mächtige Tools und laufende Weiterentwicklung – Professional Users haben auch rund um die Uhr Zugriff auf ein engagiertes Support-Team und profitieren von zahlreichen Schulungs- und Weiterbildungsmaßnahmen.

  • Client-Server Edition

    Die brandneue Lösung für alle Radiogruppen, Webchannels und Retail Radios – aber auch für Stationen mit einer Vielzahl simultan zugreifender Nutzer: Die Client-Server-Edition von MusicMaster vereinfacht und beschleunigt sämtliche Arbeitsabläufe durch eine zentrale Datenverwaltung und hohe Rechenleistung auf einem separaten SQL-Server.

  • Solo Edition

    Diese Version ist speziell zugeschnitten auf sehr kleine oder nichtkommerzielle Sender, die darüberhinaus keinen laufenden Support benötigen. Selbstverständlich plant die Solo Edition mit der gleichen Qualität wie die Professional Edition und nutzt deren wichtigste Funktionen. MusicMaster SE ist auch für Privatanwender oder zu Ausbildungszwecken geeignet.

  • Personal Edition

    Hier wurden vor allem die zahlreichen Schnittstellen und Interfaces für den professionellen Sendebetrieb eingespart. Die Personal Edition von MusicMaster ist ideal geeignet für alle diejenigen, die einfach nur Musik planen möchten – zum Beispiel für ihren privaten Webradiokanal, aber auch für Discjockeys bei Veranstaltungen oder Retail Radios vor Ort.

Alle Versionen im Vergleich

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