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The Consultant Asks… Why MusicMaster? posted on September 15th, 2014

By Marianne Burkett

I have many clients who also happen to be programming consultants… and the times, they are a changing. Now that MusicMaster is thoroughly saturating the Music Scheduling world – many consultants want to know what the advantages are and what are the differences between MusicMaster and the other Music schedulers on the market. (more…)

The Relative Separation Analysis Special History Report posted on March 3rd, 2014

By Drew Bennett

Scroll through Special History Reports and you will see one you can use for just about any report you need to generate. Most of these reports are specially designed for certain agencies and offices to receive reports on music you play. Some of these reports, however, are more generic and these are designed for anyone to use. If you haven’t reviewed the Special History Report option lately, we’ve added to the gallery of report options in MusicMaster.  The newest report is Relative Separation Analysis. This report determines separation times on values in a field across to adjacent time periods and is a great way to track things like Song Titles and Artist Keywords and how they separate from day to day. (more…)

New in MusicMaster 5.0 – Additions to Turnover Analysis posted on September 17th, 2012

By Aaron Taylor

We’ve enhanced the Turnover Analysis screen for version 5. There are two new options you may want to check out, “All Hours” and “Predicted Rotations for Field Values”. Go to Dataset-Analysis-Turnover Analysis, or click on the circling blue arrows on your toolbar. (more…)