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MusicMaster 6.0 SR-4 Available posted on May 23rd, 2017

The latest service release for MusicMaster 6.0 is now available. This new update contains the latest round of corrections and enhancements. Here are a few highlights: A new navigation update allows you to use CTRL-[ to move the cursor back to the previous cell in most grid-based screen.  After you’ve done that, CTRL=] will return you to where you were.  In the Schedule Editor, clicking on the upper-left corner cell will select all rows will be selected.  Select multiple songs and use the context menu option in Library Maintenance to add them all to the Player Playlist. Nexus improvements include performance improvements to the getAttributes command as well as additional information being returned when using the getSchedule command with the mergeTraffic property. Various other updates and improvements are also included. Use Help, Check for Updates to upgrade to 6.0 SR-4 today.  Contact your Music Scheduling Consultant if you need assistance installing this version or have any questions about the new update.