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Tim Christoph Baas joins ON AIR’s engineering team posted on April 1st, 2017

Welcome aboard! On April 1st, Tim Christoph Baas joined the engineering team of MusicMaster’s international distributor ON AIR.

For the last 25 years Tim’s professional radio journey took him from host to music planner to consultant to program director. He hosted and developed different formats in several markets in Germany. Besides his passion for radio, Tim is also passionate for technical development. His first contact to the “wide world of computers” was a ZX81 from Spectrum.

“By adding Tim as Product/Project Engineer to our team, we’re again adding broad experiences from the radio industry. Therefore, we are thankful for Tim’s decision to change sides and to join the MusicMaster family” says Max Müller, ON AIR’s General Manager.

Kevin Hopkins, CTO, adds: “Tim has the capability to wear different virtual ‘glasses’ through which he looks at products and projects. Like all of us, he considers all aspects from engineering to programming. That’s actually why we understand our customers’ business and the future demands of the industry.”

In his spare time Tim and his family love to visit Disneyworld and other amusement parks in the US. On weekends, you can find Tim watching his son playing football, having a BBQ in the garden or getting things done around the house.