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MusicMaster 4.0 now available posted on March 26th, 2007

The all-new MusicMaster 4.0 is now available for download! With this upgrade, MusicMaster for Windows becomes multi-lingual — with most of the program’s menus and prompts now available in Spanish, German, French, and Portuguese. Other languages are certain to follow as MusicMaster for Windows continues to enjoy explosive growth around the world.

We’ve also added new Optimum Goal Scheduling™ options including Keyword Hour Rotation, Keyword Shift Rotation, Song and Keyword Quarter Hour Rotation, and Numeric Field Minimum and Maximum Value.

You can now create more flexible saved song lists that allow you to include the same songs more than one time per list.

Mass Change functions are now available in the Keyword Editor.

A new and handy library search toolbar is now available that allows you to quickly type in song search criteria and see the matching songs in library maintenance at any time.

Text and Numeric fields can now be programmed to automatically help you make sure that every song contains a unique value.

Many more new features and updates are also included.

With MusicMaster for Windows, the BEST just keeps getting BETTER!

Important upgrade information and more details about the new features can be found in the support area of the web site. As always, we recommend that you use the Check-for-Updates function on the MusicMaster Help Menu to download the latest update. Complete details of all program changes can be found in the MusicMaster readme file.