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MusicMaster in Michigan posted on April 19th, 2015

MusicMaster’s Malcolm Sinclair and Shane Finch joined hundreds of members of the Michigan Association of Broadcasters for the Great Lakes Broadcasting Conference in Lansing, MI. Our MusicMaster team enjoyed the Michigan hospitality and the opportunity to visit with longtime MusicMaster users, including Stephen Schram, Executive Director/General Manager of Michigan Radio in Ann Arbor. Steve was the Program Director of Milwaukee’s WZUU, where MusicMaster Founder Joe Knapp was employed when he created the software.  Steve was MusicMaster’s first software scheduler in its 1983 introduction, and a longtime encourager to Joe during the 32 year journey.

Michigan Radio’s Steve Schram and MusicMaster’s Shane Finch
Malcolm Sinclair and Brice Burge
Malcolm Sinclair, MusicMaster’s Canadian representative, 
has been spotted visiting with U.S. clients 
more frequently. Malcolm enjoys sharing his vast knowledge with current clients and those soon-to-be radio pros, including Brice Burge of Northern Michigan University.

Midwest Communications as always extended a warm welcome in their ever-expanding radio group. Midwest Senior Vice President, Peter Tanz, has served Duke Wright’s amazing broadcast group in Nebraska, Wisconsin, Michigan, and North Dakota through his many years of employment. Peter currently works closely with Midwest’s fourteen Michigan stations in Battle Creek, Coldwater, Holland, Kalamazoo, and Lansing.

MAB Board Member Peter Tanz gets help with his tie from Shane Finch.