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Going to NAB? Here’s Why You Don’t Want to Miss Us! posted on April 13th, 2015

Visit NAB Booth #C2145 for Interactive Group and One-on-One Presentations from the MusicMaster Superheroes Team, including:
  • Joe Knapp – President/CEO and Creator of MusicMaster
  • Drew Bennett – Learning and Development Director
  • Rainer Eichhorn – ON AIR General Manager
  • Jesus Rodriguez – Spanish Language Scheduling Specialist
You’ll walk away
ready to save the day
with a brand new set of
super skills!
Leap Tall Buildings. 
Three Scheduling Goals that will crush your competition


Use X-ray Vision. 
Schedule the best song every time with Optimum Goals

Master Your Domain.
Customize your MusicMaster database exactly how you want it

Manipulate Time. 
Use our clock editing secrets to create your perfect sound

Conquer New Worlds. 
Learn more about our specific TV and Web Scheduling Software
Forge New Alliances. 
Explore how MusicMaster can exchange information with other broadcast software

Transcend Time and Space. 
Connect with experts from the systems below… 
without even leaving the MusicMaster booth!