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MusicMaster Programs Chicago’s Finest Rock – One Song At A Time posted on December 9th, 2014

Any good parent knows you’re not supposed to have a favorite child, but MusicMaster founder and CEO, Joe Knapp, does admit to having a favorite MusicMaster radio station, CBS Radio’s WXRT in Chicago.

93xrtWe spent a few days with them this month helping out with their transition to the latest version of MusicMaster RealTime for Windows. This amazing radio station has been playing “free form” rock music since the 1970’s. After all these years, the station is still hand-crafted, one song at a time, by the incredible lineup of air talent under the expert supervision of Program Director, Norm Winer. MusicMaster RealTime is a special log editor developed specifically for use in the studio for just-in-time music scheduling. The original design was created and perfected back in the mid-1980’s at KBCO in Boulder, Colorado with the help of then-PD Dennis Constantine. WXRT in Chicago was one of the very first stations to use the system, and one of very few still using it today. Of course, the system works best when you have air talent who are all perfectly in tune with the music and the audience, which is certainly true for each and every member of the WXRT air staff. The depth of their knowledge of rock music and the Chicago area would take your breath away! Along with Joe Knapp, WXRT’s MusicMaster music scheduling consultant, Drew Bennett, and MusicMaster Marketing Director, Melanie Ross, were also on hand, all bidding a fond farewell to WXRT’s Music Director and Operations Manager, John Farneda, who exits this legendary station after decades of service.

93xrt_groupMusicMaster Vice President, Scott Wirt, even drove down from Milwaukee to help out. He’s pictured here sitting in the main control room where all the magic happens!