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Perfect integration of MusicMaster and Radio Monitor posted on November 11th, 2014

This year MusicMaster has had a great integration with the station monitoring service Radio Monitor out of London, UK. Recently we took this interface a big step further and integrated the most important numbers and information right into MusicMaster’s internal web browser.

Once you click on a song in MusicMaster, you have all the important monitoring information right there in your MusicMaster desktop. No switching between applications or screens anymore.

Screen Shot1 Screen Shot2

Here’s a picture of Michael Neumann of Deutschlandradio Kultur in Berlin, who is the first happy user of this new level of integration. We are very happy about this integration and also want to thank Phil van Oopen, CEO of Radio Monitor, for his great support and cooperation. We at MusicMaster love these kinds of tools that we can offer to make your life at work easier and easier!

radiomonitorHopefully very soon we will have a lot more happy users of this new interface which comes FREE of cost to any station that uses MusicMaster and Radio Monitor!