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MusicMaster 31st Anniversary Learning Conference posted on October 28th, 2014

Once again this fall, MusicMaster Team Global gathered for a season of learning, sharing and celebration.

October 6-8, our international force joined together near our worldwide corporate headquarters at Milwaukee Marriott West.

MusicMaster President Joe Knapp opened the event with a presentation of reflection and direction. Joe shared how MusicMaster continues to be the world’s fastest growing music scheduling software company, witnessing unprecedented domestic and international growth.

Knapp welcomed our four new domestic employees, Music Scheduling Consultant Jerry Butler, Senior Accountant Lorie Robers, Senior Technical Consultant Jeff Schroeder, and Music Scheduling Consultant Dave Tyler.

Joe concluded his opening remarks by reviewing a passionate and ambitious agenda for exciting new objectives and strategies.

Throughout the entire conference, each MusicMaster team member made a presentation detailing progress from their specific departments.


MusicMaster W.I.Z.A.R.D. Jill Sorenson discusses a “soon to be revealed” addition to the MusicMaster product line.


Sales Coordinator Drew Bennett and MusicMaster’s Canadian Partner Malcolm Sinclair unveil “soon to be announced” worldwide clients.


MusicMaster Scheduling Consultant Marianne Burkett introduces new team member Jerry Butler.


MusicMaster Webmaster Cole Marshall speaks of a future development action plan.

MusicMaster Partner Rainer Eichhorn of On-Air in Berlin, Germany disclosed riveting details about MusicMaster’s international appeal. Rainer also outlined our trade show and advertising plans for 2015.

Our MusicMaster crew was also treated to an entertaining and amazing branding presentation from Steve Jones, author of “Brand Like a Rock Star” and “Start You Up”.


Plus, we learned from sales pro Jim Mathis, author of “Reinvention Strategist”.


What an incredible time of team building, education and edification.

Thanks, Joe Knapp, for investing your time, talent, and treasure into our product, clients… and MusicMaster family.