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September Genius Days posted on October 17th, 2014

On September 15th the MusicMaster crew went on a three day trip visiting customers and hosting Genius Days. President/CEO Joe Knapp, Marketing Director Melanie Ross, MusicMaster Support Coordinator Paul Ziino, and the Unconsultant Keith Hill visited with the team at Entercom-Milwaukee on September 15th. They discussed advanced scheduling concepts with Brian Kelly, Jojo Martinez, Leigh McNabb, and other members of the team at WXSS and WMYX as well as David Moore from Entercom-Madison.

On the 16th it was a day-long visit with Midwest Communications in Green Bay, WI. Program and Music Directors from every Midwest Communications market were on-hand for the extensive Q&A session. We met with Duke Wright, Jeff McCarthy, Corey Carter, Dan Stone, Jason Hillery, Mark Fleischer, Craig Holgate, Scott Hanson, PJ Lacey, Derek Moran, Greg Atoms, Tom Gjerdrum, Andy Harris, Cade, Shawn Powers, Jeff Frieders, Jay Morris, Ken Lanphear, Shane Cox, Randy Chambers, Otis Day, Amber Lee, Doc Murphy, Steve Cannon, Mojo, Jonathan Hensler, JT, Karla Cantrell, Barbara Bridges, Ron Allen, Hurricane Shane, and Rusty James. The day ended with a cocktail party and taco bar for all!

And September 18th the crew stopped in at Minnesota Public Radio to meet with folks from Classical 24, KSJN, and The Current including Doug Rowe, Rex Levang, David Safar, Jeff Esworthy, Lindsay Kimball, Suzanne Schaffer, and Steve Nelson. Lots of good questions came up which stimulated several hours of discussion. We learned a lot about how MPR does what they do and made some suggestions for how to improve it as well as some ideas on how to enhance MusicMaster.

After those three sessions the MusicMaster team went home with pages of notes and tons of new ideas. Look for those and many other new features in upcoming service releases and versions of MusicMaster!

photo 2

Brian Kelly, Paul Ziino and Joe Knapp at Entercom Genius Days.

photo 1

Group shot at Entercom

photo 2

Very interested in what Joe Knapp is saying

photo 3

Keith Hill, Jeff McCarthy, Midwest Communications, Duke Wright, Midwest Communications and Joe Knapp, MusicMaster

photo 4

Genius Day Group from Midwest Communications

photo 3

Genius group at Midwest Communications listening to Joe Knapp, MusicMaster

photo 1

Brian Kelly is a Genius MusicMaster User with Joe Knapp, MusicMaster

photo 5

Minnesota Public Radio