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Central Ontario Broadcasting Genius Day posted on August 20th, 2014

Joe Knapp, Malcolm Sinclair, and Paul Ziino spent a day with the program and music directors at Central Ontario Broadcasting. From the get-go the room was buzzing with excitement…and it continued throughout the course of the full Genius Day. They discussed CanCon and Emerging Artists, ways to use Auto-Platooning, Ctrl-Q and Ctrl-R in the library for quick searches, history linking and tons more.

Central Ontario GroupFrom left to right: Paul Ziino – MusicMaster; Dave Carr – VP of Programming, Central Ontario Broadcasting; Adam Thompson – Program Director, Indie 88; Charlie Vigna – Music Director, Cool FM; Michael Religa – Assistant Program Director/Music Director, Indie 88; Craig Ross – Assistant Program Director/Music Director, Rock 95; Joe Knapp – President, MusicMaster.

Thumbs Up!

“Thumbs up!” for MusicMaster at Central Ontario Broadcasting! Craig Ross, Dave Carr, Adam Thompson, Charlie Vigna, Michael Religa, and Joe Knapp in the foreground.