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K-104 Dallas Genius Day Workshop posted on March 24th, 2014

Service Broadcasting Corporation in Dallas, TX hosted Joe Knapp and Jesus Rodriguez on Wednesday, March 19th for a MusicMaster Genius Day workshop.

We don’t know who was more excited between Jesus and the client. We all have that one heritage station that we grew up listening to in our hometowns. The station that influenced our passion for great radio that got us to consider broadcasting as a career. Jesus is a Dallas native and K104 was one of those stations. That being said, for Jesus, the opportunity to consult this client at the legendary studios surpassed any childhood dream of working in those studios as a DJ. It’s not everyday you can say that you are a scheduling consultant for the radio station that raised you.

We discussed every aspect of the software. Joe Knapp blew everyone’s mind with some auto burning tricks to keep a steady history graph for stations with a lot of mix shows. Joe and Jesus said the travel accommodations from gate to gate were amazing, which is easy to say when you live down the street from the client and get to drive your own car!

We would like to thank KKDA-FM/K104 PD George Cook, Operations Manager Michael Erickson, KRNB-FM 105.7 PD Kevin Gardner, and their team for coordinating the day with us.


MusicMaster President and CEO Joe Knapp, KKDA-FM/K104 PD George Cook, and MusicMaster Representative Jesus Rodriguez


MusicMaster Representative Jesus Rodriguez, KRNB-FM 105.7 PD Kevin Gardner, and MusicMaster President and CEO Joe Knapp