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Talk Radio Boot Camp Dallas Recap posted on March 4th, 2014

MusicMaster President/CEO and founder, Joe Knapp, shares impressions from this month’s Talk Show Boot Camp in Dallas:

“Not enough people know how valuable MusicMaster can be to talk radio.” This comes from my good friend, Kipper McGee, who found creative uses for MusicMaster while he supervised programming for the legendary Chicago news-talk station, WLS-AM. Kipper used MusicMaster to rotate “objects” instead of whole songs, including liners, stingers, bumpers, and just about everything else. Kipper shared thoughts about managing multiple forums.

Another good friend, the always-eloquent Valerie Geller, showered us with pearls of wisdom about creating great radio content. She’s one of my favorite authors, too. If you’re creating radio content, I strongly suggest you check out her books! In an encore performance at CRS a couple weeks later, she reminded me of the world’s shortest short story, written by the immortal Ernest Hemingway: “For Sale. Baby Shoes. Never Worn.” Something tells me that Hemingway would have written some great radio advertising copy!

It was a pleasure to touch base with other friends and colleagues too, such as Mike McVay and Steve Goldstein. Try not to miss Steve Jones the next time he does his Brand Like A Rock Star presentation. It’s priceless!

But the best part of the show, for me personally, was seeing Glenn Beck up close and in person for just the second time in my life. He’s an incredibly inspirational public speaker!


Left to right: Kipper McGee, Valerie Geller, and Glenn Beck