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MusicMaster in Oceania posted on February 27th, 2014

ON AIR’s Kevin Hopkins spent most of this past month in New Zealand and Australia meeting stations and training future MusicMaster pros. He also had the chance to meet again with Cameron St. Clair, Sea FM’s Afternoon Announcer & Music Supporter. And, boy oh boy, this man knows his MusicMaster!

Both had interesting talks about the future of MusicMaster and API’s, MusicMaster’s potential to integrate with third party applications, and of course some wishes he has for future versions of MusicMaster.

Cameron and Kevin were joined by AVC’s Greg Altena. Greg, as the new MusicMaster distributor for Australia and New Zealand, was very happy to meet existing MusicMaster stations and long time users like Cameron.

Cameron and Greg

Cameron St. Clair (left) and Greg Altena (right)