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Top of Mind Media Branding: MusicMaster in the Netherlands and Belgium posted on July 19th, 2013

BartAs of July 2012, MusicMaster is represented in the Netherlands and Belgium by Top of Mind Media Branding of Amsterdam.

Top of Mind is a fairly young company but it has over 30 years of experience in radio, since its senior consultant Bart van Gogh has worked as a composer/producer for thousands of station call jingles and voice-overs for numerous radio stations all over Europe.

For the last five years, Bart’s core business slowly but surely changed from being a consultant for many radio stations and programmers as he started coaching and supporting air talent, producers, and program and music directors. Now the range of services has extended even more, with the ability of supplying stations with the best music scheduling software ever: MusicMaster.

Bart says, “As soon as I took a glance on this scheduling program, I was sorry I didn’t have my own radio station. I have never ever experienced such an instant addiction to computer software like I did with MusicMaster. The flexibility, the logic, the functionality and the support I got from the On Air people, as well as the online training videos, made me understand the workings of the software in no time.”

In less than one year MusicMaster found its way to over 10 stations in Holland and more will come in the next few months. “Training people how to use the software is as much fun as using the program for scheduling purposes on the stations we do music consulting for ourselves,” Bart adds.

Top of Mind is located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Phone: + (office), or +31.653.87.84.83 (cell).