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March 2017

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Artist Keyword Maintenance

by Paul Ziino - I know we’ve talked about it before. However, I regularly am asked “why are my artists playing so close to themselves, but not indicating any rule violation?” In 90% of these cases, the issue is that the songs either have no Artist Keywords or have the wrong Artist Keywords.

Artist Keywords are what MusicMaster uses to keep the same artist apart from themselves.

Let’s use these examples:

As far as MusicMaster is concerned, those are three unique keywords and thus they wouldn’t be separated.

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I Hate Typing Lognotes!

by Dave Tyler - If creating clocks with Lognotes in them is driving you crazy well I’m with you! I am a Radio Programmer not a Computer Programmer! The last thing I want to do is sit down and type over and over cryptic letters and symbols like Matthew Broderick in War Games (Yeah, I still think that was a cool movie despite the fact that my cell phone now has more power than the computers in that movie did!). It is tiring and although every automation system has their own unique codes, delimiters and requirements to make the magic happen, if you dare leave out a comma or carrot”^” then the whole thing doesn’t work and to make things worse you clocks are filled with them!

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Quick Tip: Log Memos

It took more than a decade for those ubiquitous sticky notes to come to market and subsequently end up all over the border of our computer screens and anywhere else we can stick them. If any of those notes are for things you want to do in a specific log, we have a better way: Log Memos. On the Schedule Calendar, right click and open the Log Memo Editor. You can pick the date and write your memo. Any date with a memo, will have a green icon on the Calendar to indicate that. You can even make the memo display automatically when you open the log by going to Tools, options, Additional Properties and setting the Schedule: AutoLogMemo option to one. Log Memos can keep you organized and call up the information you need exactly when you need it.

Do You Auto Platoon?

Variety is the spice of life, and MusicMaster’s Auto Platoon feature helps you add variety to your station with ease. Let’s say you want to switch songs out of your current categories before they burn out, while at the same time introducing the same number of resting songs back into the mix to take their place. With Auto Platooning, this process becomes automatic. Schedule your moves to occur after a certain date or number of category spins. You can filter the process to include only certain songs, or let MusicMaster find the most rested songs. Watch the video below for a step-by-step guide to setting up Auto Platooning. For additional help, please contact your MSC.

MusicMaster Founder Joins World Wide Radio Summit Panel

MusicMaster’s President and Founder Joe Knapp will be speaking at the 2017 All Access World Wide Radio Summit. This year’s WWRS conference will be May 3 – 5 at the W Hotel in Hollywood. The panel featuring Joe Knapp will be on May 5 from 12:05pm to 1:00pm. The topic is: PLAYLIST GENERATION – “Apple Music, Pandora, Spotify, Station Apps & More – Curating Playlists For Millennial Consumption.” If you are attending WWRS, we hope you can join us for the panel. We will also be available during the conference at the MusicMaster Meeting Point if you’d like to stop by to say hello or ask questions.

Coming in May: Hollywood Genius Day

Attending the 2017 All Access World Wide Radio Summit? Are you fortunate enough to be from Southern California? If the answer to either of those questions is YES, you have the opportunity to attend a Hollywood MusicMaster Genius Day! The workshop will be held Wednesday, May 3 from 9am to 5pm at the W Hotel in Hollywood. While our Genius Day is mostly guided by the needs of our participants, here is a glance at some of the topics that may be covered:

In addition, you can bring your database or your questions and sit with our team one-on-one for diagnosis and discussion. You'll also hear some industry insights from our special guest speakers, including renowned consultant Tracy Johnson. Stay tuned for more details as they come. Complete your registration for this free event and reserve your spot early!

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Join MusicMaster at Radiodays Europe in Amsterdam

MusicMaster Scheduling is an Official Partner of the 2017 Radiodays Europe, which will be held this year from March 19th to 21st at the Rai Convention Center in Amsterdam.

ON AIR, as MusicMaster’s international distributor, continues its long-lasting partnership with the largest international radio conference in the world: The MusicMaster Meeting Point will be on-site at Booth #32. Feel free to stop by for a chat and, as always, for a good espresso!

Since there is always a tight schedule during the day due to the fully packed program of the conference, we are happy to arrange fixed appointments. Just let us know when you would like to meet us. If you plan to come early on Sunday in order to grab your badge, you can find the ON AIR crew at the Meeting Point from 1 to 6 pm.

Radiodays Europe was born in 2010 as a response to the needs of the European industry, public and private, to come together to discuss the new media challenges, across borders. It has since grown to become the most important annual conference for radio professionals with 1500 participants from 62 countries. It is the meeting point for the European radio industry, both private and public, and a destination for radio people from around the world.

Planning Ahead for NAB 2017

In April, the NAB show returns to the Las Vegas Convention Center. This year's theme is the "M.E.T Effect" or Media Entertainment Technology. The radio conversation is now more diverse and accessible than ever before, with unique quality content rising to the top through listener ratings and immediate feedback, creating the opportunity for unprecedented revenue growth. Technology has made it possible for radio to expand its reach and drive awareness and client marketing through the use of a variety of strategies such as mobile, video, texting, apps, web, drones and podcasting.

In keeping with the spirit of broadening technology horizons, MusicMaster will be bringing some major product updates to the NAB this year. This inludes a preview of our Mobile Application, Client-Server Web Application, and major version updates to both MusicMaster Client-Server and Professional Editions. Here's what you need to know to connect with us during the Show:

Watch for the MusicMaster Meeting Point at N7124 and in many of our Automation partner booth locations. Contact Us to set up an appointment time if you'd like.

We will also be hosting a MusicMaster Hospitality Suite at the Wynn Hotel on April 25 from 8:30pm to 10:00pm. Stay tuned for more details in next month's newsletter!

Register for the NAB here and use our code LV7295 to receive your free Exhibits Pass. Offer expires March 24, 2017.

Four Major Releases Coming from MusicMaster!
MusicMaster Pro Version 7

MusicMaster PRO 7 continues to address the needs of broadcasters by adding features and options that allow programmers to create the best possible log in the shortest amount of time. New options include:

These and many other options to personalize the software (themes, toolbars and more) are waiting for you in MusicMaster PRO 7. Stay tuned for more information on when these features will become available.

Client-Server Version 2.0

MusicMaster CS 2.0 continues the advancement of true Enterprise music scheduling. New features in 2.0 include:

CS Web

The MusicMaster CS Server for the Web gives you the mobility you need with the features you use most often. This first iteration of our Web Server allows you to schedule and edit your logs and fully manage your library. Future updates will add the full functionality of the existing Windows client software.

One of the main benefits of the Web Server is that it allows your users to operate MusicMaster CS on any PC operating system or mobile device via a web browser, including Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, Android and more. Open your browser and point to your MusicMaster CS Server to access your stations. Whether that's your tablet on the train or your phone in the coffee shop, you’re ready to access your data at the time and location that’s most convenient to you. Of course, you can still use MusicMaster CS Web on the computers in your office with no extra software to install.

MusicMaster Mobile App

The all new version of the MusicMaster Mobile App allows you to tap into your log wherever and whenever you need to via the MusicMaster Nexus Server. Whether you’re using your phone, tablet or any other device, the Mobile App gives you the power of MusicMaster at your fingertips.

You'll be able to query your library by category, search by criteria you specify, and review the song card information and history graph. When you open a log, it will take you directly to the current date and hour. You'll also be able to change the date and time and edit any other log. You will be able to look for a replacement by choosing to see the best testing songs, create a query to look for something more specific, or simply move an element to a new position.

Since you can make these changes anywhere, you'll sound more current and in touch with your audience. While your competition reacts the next day, you can sit back and smile knowing you're in the driver’s seat with the MusicMaster App.

MusicMaster Online Support Center

Do you need to download a MusicMaster installation, update your station information, request support, or find out who your personal MusicMaster Scheduling Consultant is? You can do this all on the MusicMaster Online Support Center. Simply go to www.musicmaster.com, select Support and then Support Center. You can also access this area by going to Store and selecting Your Account. You'll need to login or Register an Account. Once you've created your account, not only can you select the Support area to get software downloads, but you 'll also be able to review your account information and tell us about your stations that use MusicMaster. Then, check out the Welcome, Meet Our Users area to see other users around the world and even listen to those stations using the MusicMaster Station Tuner. Your Account is the gateway to assist you with your MusicMaster needs. Check it out today.

Access Your Account to add your station information and check for software downloads.
Highlights from Music City USA

Country Radio Seminar 2017, the three-day seminar held exclusively for the country radio industry, took place Wednesday, Feb. 22 through Friday, Feb. 24, 2017 in Nashville, TN. The agenda was filled with all-star lineups of entertainment performances from up-and-comers to the Country giant powerhouses of today as well as intriguing and informative discussions, panels, and mentoring breakfasts.

Some of the seminar’s most anticipated events were back again, and included Grand Ole Opry at CRS, Bob Kingsley’s Acoustic Alley, Team UMG at The Ryman, Big Machine Label Group’s luncheon show, and the New Faces of Country Music Show and Dinner. CRS Executive Director, Bill Mayne, commented, “This year’s seminar went beyond expectations. We have heard nothing but positive feedback from attendees and look forward to throwing an even better, more evolved and fantastic seminar in early February of 2018.”

MusicMaster launched the festivities with a highly successful “Genius Day” training session. Many MusicMaster users from all over the country joined in. The Unconsultant Keith Hill kicked off the workshop, sharing feats from baseball greats to illustrate how winners are made. He then connected these insights to his top take-aways for improving music rotations and standing out as ratings winners in the market.

Next, MusicMaster's Learning and Development Director Drew Bennett engaged the group with new ideas on how to use Auto Platooning, the Schedule Editor, the Rule Tree, MusicMaster's user defined database, History Analysis, Advanced Format Clock Editing, and some helpful Library Maintenance shortcuts.

Attendee Donna Edmonds spoke of her experience: "Genius Day was a wonderful lesson on all the updates from Musicmaster over the past few years. It was very educational and entertaining." Chip Valentine, Program Director at Q107 said, "I absolutely loved Genius Day at CRS. I went up there with only a few questions on how to do a few things, and left with a completely different understanding of the program. Drew Bennett is a godsend." Kevin "Crash" Davis from Guess FM added: "Genius Day is extremely beneficial. I've known a few of the folks at MusicMaster for several years. Genius Day is an opportunity to get everyone together and pick their brains, even the developers. Everyone is so friendly and accessible. One of my favorite things about MusicMaster is its incredibly vast flexibility. And now I've picked up some new tricks and have developed new ideas to further expand that flexibility to make it my own. I can hardly wait to catch another Genius Day; so much fun to be had!"

Finally, it wouldn't be a gathering in Nashville without live music. We were very happy to welcome some outstanding up-and-coming artists to perform during the breaks. Our performers included: Morgan Alexander, Jessica Rose, and Wes Lunsford and Laurel Wright of The Young Fables. Thank you to our speakers, guests and performers for helping create another memorable Genius Day for the books!

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Morgan Alexander performs during our first break.Later in the day, Morgan was joined by Jessica RoseWes Lunsford and Laurel Wright of the Young Fables.
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Guest speaker Keith Hill pitches his wisdom on how to score home runs both in baseball and music rotations.Host Drew Bennett scheduled his Genius Day learning modules in MusicMaster, of course!
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Members of the MusicMaster Development Team attended the Genius Day. Pictured here from far right are Scott Wirt (VP/CTO) and Jeff Stalnaker.MusicMaster's Joe Knapp and Drew Bennett present Jonathan Tineo (WHAT) with his Genius Day Certificate Cara Denis (KCLR) and John Predmore (KATI) also received their Genius Day Certificates
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Dan Buckley (WRLT) and Keith Coes (WRLT)Kevin "Crash" Davis (WGUE Guess FM)Donna Edmonds
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As the CRS Conference continued, MusicMaster's Drew Bennett and Jeff Schroeder greeted new and current users at the MusicMaster Meeting Point and throughout the city. As always, CRS presented a unique opportunity to network while enjoying the Nashville scene: live music at every turn and a celebration of all things Country.

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Drew Bennett (MusicMaster) with Flip Moore, Fusion Radio College StationJJ Jobe, RWPC Consulting.Jody Van Alin, Cafe Nashville
Image Missing Image Missing Image Missing
Billy McKim, Texas A&MJeff Garrison, KCYY San Antonio Cox Inc.Kris Sentel of Sun Broadcast Group and Rachel Field of Promo Suite
Image Missing Image Missing Image Missing
(L-R) Jeff Schroeder (MusicMaster), Jason Bailey, Julio Aponte, Ron Rivlin (all of Sun Broadcast Group), Drew Bennett (MusicMaster) and Kris Sentel (Sun Broadcast Group)Drew Bennett with Steve Albertsen - Ops Manager NRG Media, Lincoln. NEEric Raines. KOKE-FM Austin Radio Network with "Elvis"
MusicMaster Team Tours Midwest Communications in Nashville

While in Nashville for CRS, the MusicMaster gang went over to visit MusicMaster users at Midwest Communications Nashville, which broadcasts 96.3 Jack-fm, Mix 92.9, and i-106.7. Ron Allen, Brand Manager for 96.3 Jack-fm, walked the MusicMaster team through their entire facility. IT Director Zach Harper showed everybody the master control room and shared tales from the facility's engineering history. Finally, the gang gathered in Ron's office as he took questions and filled the team in on how he approaches programming music, and how MusicMaster plays its part. Our thanks to Ron Allen and everyone at Midwest for making us all feel welcome!

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Joe Knapp and Drew Bennett from MusicMaster listen as Ron Allen shares his experiences with the Jack format in the Nashville marketVania Smrkovski and Jeff Stalnaker from the MusicMaster Development Team took notes on how Ron Allen interacts with MusicMasterMix 92.9 Host Bryan “Sarge” Sargent

MusicMaster team with Zach Harper and Ron Allen of Midwest Communications. From left to right: Melanie Ross, Zach Harper, Vania Smrkovski, Drew Bennett, Jeff Schroeder, Ron Allen, Shane Finch, Laurie Knapp, Joe Knapp, Scott Wirt and Jeff Stalnaker.
MusicMaster and Informa at International Christian Media Convention

This past month, the National Religious Broadcasters group held their annual International Christian Media Convention in Orlando, connecting thousands of Christian broadcast and communication specialists. On the Expo floor, the MusicMaster Meeting Point was busy with curious passersby and loyal MusicMaster clientele. Gilberto Mariano, a partner at Informa in Sau Paulo, Brazil, joined MusicMaster's Marianne Burkett and Jerry Butler for the conference to get a glimpse of what the NRB encompasses. Ministries, Radio, Television, Film Authors, Equipment and software and even Museums were on hand to display their offerings. Mariano wrote: "Here we found a lot of content and a great diversity of solutions focused on publicity, fundraising, cinema, everything focused on the religious segment."

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Thank you to everyone who joined us at the MusicMaster Meeting Point!MusicMaster's Jerry Butler and Marianne Burkett with Bill Harrier, Radio Training Network.
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(L-R) Butler, Bill Powell and Chris Johnson of Cornerstone Broadcasting, Burkett.Informa's Gilberto Mariano with Burkett at the MusicMaster Meeting Point.
Genius Day Workshop Held at Newcap Radio in Vancouver

Drew Bennett, MusicMaster's Director of Learning and Development, traveled to Vancouver, BC to visit with Newcap Radio's programming staff at Z953 and LG1043. Newcap/Vancouver hosted a private Genius Day for their staff to become more familiar with our MusicMaster PRO system and to learn extra tips and tricks in an effort to dominate in their market. Bennett met with Operations Manager Mike Cass and his team of programmers to discuss everything from Auto Platoon to Gold Recycle and more. A big thanks to our friends up north in Vancouver for their invitation and their hospitality!

(L-R) Mike Cass – OM, Crosby McWilliam – Z953 APD, Simone Gill – Announcer Z953, Paul Sereda – LG1043 APD

Natano Brache - Head of Programming and Innovation - SABC Radio, South Africa

Natano shares: “The most important feature of MusicMaster for us is its flexibility which gives us total control of the database. We can add in as many fields as we like, eliminate any fields we don't need, then finally have the power to build a custom scheduling system that fits our needs at the SABC perfectly.

“Our users found the system advanced and practical. Its ease of use is paramount  as we service many diverse cultures, 18 within the SABC. We are able to safely say MusicMaster has provided us with a system in which with a few clicks we are able to change programming needs according to the language and cultural diversity of South Africa.”

Scott Wirt
Vice President/CTO
Waukesha, WI

Scott had great interest in radio since childhood. He regularly listened to and made cassette recordings of radio broadcasts including American Top 40, Paul Harvey and Doctor Demento. Eventually he learned of short wave radio and spent many late nights listening to stations from all around the world, sending in listening reports and collecting QSL cards and other memorabilia from these stations. He also made pretend radio shows with friends and hoped to be on the radio for real one day. That day came in high school when during a visit with friends to a college radio station, Scott saw a memo on the wall asking for someone to cover a one day special air shift at a WOKY-AM. Scott applied and got the gig. This lead to a regular weekly air shift at that station and eventually a full-time job at WISN-AM/WLTQ-FM in Milwaukee where Scott took on many roles including air shifts, news reports, live remotes, maintaining the station music library, producing a morning talk show and more. He moved up to Music Director and assistant to the Program Director, all before the age of 18.

Scott Wirt at WOKY

During this time, Scott was also learning computer programming and using these skills for various projects at the radio station and for a family business. Early in the process of designing a music scheduling system to replace programming received from a satellite service, Scott met Joe Knapp and decided to use his system, already on the market and known at that time as MusicScan. Later, Joe and Scott would team up in New Berlin, WI, opening the first offices of A-Ware Software in 1988. Scott started out working on MusicMaster for DOS and later created the Windows version of MusicMaster. He designed and built a team to create MusicMaster CS and continues to work on designing and programming the MusicMaster software products and managing his team of developers.

Scott loves visiting with clients and working to turn their ideas and wishes into reality. Scott’s advice to our clients is to not be afraid to learn and use new technology, including the latest MusicMaster features, to continue improving your stations and keeping them fresh. Scott says: "We build in ideas from some of the greatest minds in the business and share them with all of our clients."

When he’s not working on MusicMaster, rare as it is, Scott enjoys learning about new technology, playing games, seeing movies and is a huge Star Wars fan.

Industry Events

  • Jan 25, 2018 - South Carolina Broadcasters Convention, Columbia, SC
  • Jan 25 - 27, 2018 - Salon de la Radio, Paris, France
  • Feb 5 - 7, 2018 - Country Radio Seminar, Nashville, TN
  • Feb 21 - 23, 2018 - Rock Radio Convention, Las Vegas, NV
  • March 6 -7, 2018 - Great Lakes Broadcasting Convention, Lansing, MI
  • March 13 - 14, 2018 - Radio Ink Hispanic Convention, Miami, FL
  • March 18 - 20, 2018 - Radiodays Europe, Vienna, Austria
  • April 9 - 12, 2018 - NAB Show, Las Vegas, NV
  • April 19 - 20, 2018 - Oklahoma Broadcasters Convention, Tulsa, OK
  • May 2 - 4, 2018 - Worldwide Radio Summit, Los Angeles, CA
  • May 9 - 10, 2018 - Canadian Music Week, Toronto, ON
  • May 15 - 17, 2018 - British Columbia Association Broadcasters, Osoyoos, BC
  • May 30 - 31, 2018 - LAB/MAB Convention, New Orleans, LA
  • June 26 - 28, 2018 - Broadcast Asia, Singapore
  • July 3 - 4, 2018 - Loaklrundfunktage, Nuremburg, Germany
  • July 25 - 27, 2018 - Conclave, Minneapolis, MN
  • August 1 - 2, 2018 - Texas Association of Broadcasters, Austin, TX
  • August 20 - 23, 2018 - PRPD, Austin, TX
  • Sept 5 - 8, 2018 - Christian Music Broadcasters Convention, Orlando, FL
  • Sept 14 - 18, 2018 - IBC, Amsterdam
  • Sept 25 - 28, 2018 - NAB Fall Radio Show, Orlando, FL
  • Sept 27 - 30, 2018 - CCBE, King City, ON
  • Oct 16 - 18, 2018 - Wisconsin Broadcasters, Madison, WI
  • Oct 25 - 27, 2018 - College Broadcasters (CBI) Conference, Seattle, WA
  • Nov 5 - 8, 2018 - WABE, Vancouver, BC
  • Are you planning to go to one of these events?
    We would love to meet you there! Contact your MSC or send us an email to let us know.

    MusicMaster Genius Days

    To be announced in 2018
  • January 23, 2018 - Cleveland Genius Day, Cleveland, OH

    For international dates, visit ON AIR Website

  • sales@musicmaster.com