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Central Ontario Broadcasting Genius Day posted on August 20th, 2014

Joe Knapp, Malcolm Sinclair, and Paul Ziino spent a day with the program and music directors at Central Ontario Broadcasting. From the get-go the room was buzzing with excitement…and it continued throughout the course of the full Genius Day. They discussed CanCon and Emerging Artists, ways to use Auto-Platooning, Ctrl-Q and Ctrl-R in the library for quick searches, history linking and tons more.

Central Ontario GroupFrom left to right: Paul Ziino – MusicMaster; Dave Carr – VP of Programming, Central Ontario Broadcasting; Adam Thompson – Program Director, Indie 88; Charlie Vigna – Music Director, Cool FM; Michael Religa – Assistant Program Director/Music Director, Indie 88; Craig Ross – Assistant Program Director/Music Director, Rock 95; Joe Knapp – President, MusicMaster.

Thumbs Up!

“Thumbs up!” for MusicMaster at Central Ontario Broadcasting! Craig Ross, Dave Carr, Adam Thompson, Charlie Vigna, Michael Religa, and Joe Knapp in the foreground.

Much Music Genius Day posted on August 19th, 2014

MusicMaster’s Joe Knapp, Malcolm Sinclair, and Paul Ziino spent a day recently at Much Music in Toronto working with their staff of music librarians and programmers. They covered all sorts of topics from analyzing histories to enhanced rule trees to scheduling shortcuts. Educational for all in attendance!


The Much Music Librarian team: Jodie Epstein, Heather Middleton, and Liz Houlihan


Greg Baptiste – Programmer, Jodie Epstein – Librarian, Heather Middleton – Librarian, and Liz Houlihan – Librarian


Darren Bourne – Programmer and Joe Knapp – MusicMaster President

Summer Greetings from ON AIR posted on July 31st, 2014

The team from ON AIR wishes all MusicMaster users around the globe a great summer! At least to those who are in summer now (the northern hemisphere). And to those who are in winter now (southern hemisphere), a great next summer!

This picture was taken during an ON AIR company meeting in Berlin. From the left, Justus, Thomas, Andreas, Ellen, Gabriele, Max and Kevin. Two members of the team were missing, Matthias was in Iran and Rainer was in Manila, obviously working.


MusicMaster Stations in Germany Celebrating the Soccer World Cup 2014 posted on July 30th, 2014

Check out the happy faces! GM’s, PD’s, MD’s and listeners of Bayern 3, FFH, Radio Paradiso, WDR 2, Hitradio Niedersachsen and Antenne Bayern went crazy during the World Cup earlier in July. Soccer was everywhere and everyday, in the studio, on the street or at parties at night. Many stations, like Antenne Bayern, took their listeners to party and meet the World Cup team in Berlin.


MusicMaster in Vancouver posted on July 30th, 2014

Joe Knapp and Aaron Taylor, along with Jason Singleterry from Wide Orbit joined forces with the Bell Media-Vancouver, B.C. Programming, Engineering and IT teams this month to help launch CHQM-FM and CFBT-FM on MMWIN and WOAFR in their beautiful new facility. What a great experience we had together, and are proud to welcome another Bell Media station cluster to the MusicMaster/A-Ware Software family!

From left to right: Aaron Taylor, Music Scheduling Consultant, A-Ware Software; Troy Wylie, Regional IT Manager, Bell Media; Leah Koepenick, Engineering/I.T. Technician, Bell Media/Vancouver; Joe Knapp, CEO/President, A-Ware Software; Brad Challoner, Music Director, CHQM-FM; Curtis Strange, Program Director, CFBT-FM/CHQM-FM; Jason Singleterry, Project Manager Radio Automation, Wide Orbit; Jasmina Koga, Music Director, CFBT-FM; Chris Larke, Chief Engineer Radio, Bell Media/Vancouver; and John Bolwitt, Engineering/I.T. Technician, Bell Media/Vancouver

Hong Kong Likes MusicMaster posted on July 28th, 2014

On his last tour through Asia, Rainer Eichhorn had great meetings with existing and new clients.

Gregory Wong, of our Hong Kong-based partner company BTL, was putting together a string of very good meetings and some cool Dim Sum lunches.

We are looking forward to the next projects in this wonderful City.


A Fresh Coat of Paint on This Ol’ Town posted on July 24th, 2014

joecowboyMusicMaster Sheriff, Joe Knapp welcomes fellow Texans attending the 61st Annual Convention and Trade Show August 6-7 at the Renaissance Austin Hotel. Over a thousand will join Knapp at the largest state broadcast association convention in the nation.

Look for MusicMaster as we team up with automation partners, ENCO and Wide Orbit in the exhibit hall, and mark your agenda for Joe’s big presentation, “The Artistry and Science of Music Scheduling” Thursday, August 7 at 2:15pm.

Not registered for the full convention? Joe has a hat-full of free trade show guest passes. E-mail MusicMaster’s man from Austin, Drew Bennett, to reserve your guest pass.


The Broken Spoke may never be the same.

Sponsor of the 7th Annual Monitor Latino Convention posted on July 24th, 2014

MusicMaster patrocinará la 7ª Convención Anual del Monitor Latino el 24 agosto – día 26 la reunión más grande de las emisoras latinas de los Estados Unidos, México y toda América Latina. La convención se llevará a cabo en el Pacific Palms Resort en Los Ángeles, California. Si usted va a ir a este gran evento, nos gustaría invitarlo a visitar nuestro Consultores de MusicMaster Aaron Taylor y Jesús Rodríguez para consultaciones si eres un usuario o interesado en la posibilidad de incorporarse a nuestra familia de MusicMaster.

El equipo de Consultores de MusicMaster también tendran un taller Bilingüe el martes 26 de agosto a las 10:30 am en el salon “Cherry Hill”. Esto es muy útil para todos aquellos interesados en los productos de MusicMaster, así como algunos trucos de programación para los usuarios actuales. El propósito y el contenido de este taller consiste en demostrar las ventajas de las nuevas herramientas que MusicMaster PE, LT, y PRO tienen para ofrecer a los canals de musica de radio y televisión. Únase a nosotros y formar parte de este taller para todos los ejecutivos de la radio, programadores, locutores, estaciones de Internet, y para cualquier amante de la música y el radio.


MusicMaster will be sponsoring the 7th Annual Monitor Latino Convention on August 24th – 26th the largest gathering of Latino broadcasters from the United States, Mexico, and all Latin America. The convention will be hosted at the Pacific Palms Resort in Los Angles, California. If you will be going to this great event, we would like to invite you to visit our booth to meet MusicMaster Scheduling Consultants Aaron Taylor and Jesus Rodriguez for some one-on-one consulting whether you are a current user or considering joining our MusicMaster family.

The MusicMaster Scheduling Consultant team will also be hosting a Bilingual workshop on Tuesday August 26th at 10:30 am in the “Cherry Hill” ballroom. This is great for all those interested in MusicMaster products as well as some programming tricks for current users. The purpose and content of this workshop is to demonstrate the advantages of the new tools that Music Master PE, LT, and PRO have to offer radio and television music channels. Join us and become a part of this content-filled workshop for all radio executives, programmers, announcers, Internet broadcasters, DJ’s, radio hobbyists, and any radio or music lover.

MusicMaster’s Expansion Continues posted on July 23rd, 2014

Software Giant Enhances Information Technology, Support, and Accounting Departments

MusicMaster announced recently the addition of three new team members, including an award-winning Florida radio program director, a longtime Las Vegas corporate director of digital technology, and a senior accountant.

people_tyler_daveJoining the company as a Music Scheduling Consultant is former JVC PD Dave Tyler, an entertaining voice on Florida radio for over 25 years. Tyler says, “I have been with WTRS alone for 16 years and there are few gigs that could entice me away from my JVC Broadcasting family, but this is one that checked every box on my wish list, the most important of which is the chance to work with Joe Knapp, whom I’ve known and admired for a long time.”

people_schroeder_jeffLongtime digital technology expert, Jeff Schroeder joins the MusicMaster team as Senior Technical Consultant for onsite installation, technical documentation, and automation interface expertise. Jeff shared, “I’ve known Joe Knapp and CTO Scott Wirt for almost 20 years, and I’ve been a fan of MusicMaster since then. I couldn’t be more thrilled at the opportunity to work with them and the amazing team they’ve put together.”

people_robers_lorieAdditionally, Lorie Robers joins the corporate office as Senior Accountant. Lorie brings years of accounting experience to the international business offices of MusicMaster. Robers says, “I’m happy to be working with VP/Finance, Susan Averbeck. Joining an exciting, growing company like MusicMaster will allow me to utilize my talents and expertise.”

President and founder Joe Knapp, adds, “The exponential growth of this company has filled me with overwhelming pride and joy. It still blows my mind that the simple music scheduling program I created over thirty years ago evolved into this huge global company with thousands of MusicMaster users in every variety of entertainment platforms across dozens of countries around the world.”

Knapp founded MusicMaster in 1983 and it continues to be the world’s largest Windows-based music scheduling software for media outlets including radio and television stations.

For more information, contact:
Shane Finch
Director of Sales and Support
(352) 812-3727

In the Footsteps of the Beatles posted on June 16th, 2014